Texas Tech University

Learning Communities

Ice Cream Social in Learning Community

Our Learning Communities (LCs) are unique and transformative communities where students seeking similar academic goals can live, learn and play together. At Texas Tech, we currently have 15 Learning Communities where over 2,300 Red Raiders (about 1/3 of our population) reside. Our LCs have designated residence hall floors led by Community Advisors (CAs) who offer tailored programming for your specific academic and personal needs. Our CAs are usually members of the same program too!

Our LCs share many of the same characteristics and offer numerous possibilities:

  • Develop a supportive network composed of peers, faculty and staff
  • Connect with professors in and outside the classroom
  • Develop lasting friendships
  • Experience events designed specifically for your personal and academic needs
  • Make a big campus feel smaller
  • Learn the ropes at Texas Tech by getting better connected with helpful resources on our campus
  • Attend out-of-class programs and go on exciting trips
  • Get involved in Lubbock through community service efforts

Why join a Learning Community?

Living in our LCs boosts your chances for academic success and offer the opportunity to share an intellectual experience with your peers. You will also have increased access to faculty and academic support staff.

National research shows that involvement in learning communities contributes to:

  • Development of personal relationships with other students in the classroom
  • Increased GPA
  • Greater involvement on campus and in professional organizations
  • Higher likelihood of graduating in four years
  • Easier transition from high school to college
  • Increased class attendance

For more information on Learning Communities, please visit University Student Housing