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Advising Information: Communication Studies

ADVISING IS THE ONGOING PROCESS in which you, in consultation with the Communication Studies academic advisor, map out the best-fit educational path toward your graduation.

THIS PROCESS GIVES YOU THE SUPPORT to explore opportunities and to develop action plans that match your individual needs and abilities.

THE ADVISOR ACTS AS YOUR ADVOCATE in the university system, serves as your resource broker within the university community, and works to help you thrive in a large university setting.

YOUR ACADEMIC PROGRESS is monitored by the academic advisor, who provides information to help you make choices that lead to the timely completion of your degree.

Your Advising Process

AS A COMMUNICATION STUDIES (COMS) major, you'll meet your advisor each semester from the time you enter Texas Tech until you have completed 45 credit hours and have filed a Degree Plan. After you file your Degree Plan, semester visits are encouraged but not required until you reach your final two semesters leading to graduation. You must file an Intent To graduate with your advisor one year prior to your anticipated graduation. Your advisor is always available by e-mail, and you may make an appointment at www.appointments.ttu.edu any time you have questions or just want to check in.

Degree Plans


Contact Advising

Kennedy Webb

Kennedy Webb



Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Office: 169
Media & Communication Building