Texas Tech University

CCR Labs & Facilities

The CCR contains more than 6,000 square feet of research labs and provides research services to those both within and beyond the Texas Tech community. 




Focus Group Facility

       Focus Group Room Image

The CCR's focus group facility provides an ideal environment for conducting structured group discussions within a relaxed yet controlled environment. The facility features three high-definition cameras and microphones for recording group discussion for subsequent analysis. Researchers can monitor group discussion in real time in the adjacent observation room.


Psychophysiology Lab Space & Technology


Psychophysiology is the use of physiological or “biometric” data to examine how viewers cognitively and emotionally process media messages.  The CCR is home to multiple labs that allow researchers to measure numerous markers of viewers' physiological responses to media messages.  Our labs include hardware and software solutions from multiple vendors, including Biopac, Shimmer, and iMotions. In addition, the CCR has mobile labs for collection of physiology data in a field environment


Eye Tracking Labs & Techology

       Eye Tracking

Attention is the foundation for examining how audiences respond to media messages. Although researchers have used a variety of methods to study attention to visual media, no method provides as much detail as eye tracking.  The CCR houses two eye tracking labs with Tobii hardware and software that permit the moment-by-moment study of attention to video, still images or web content. In addition, the CCR uses Tobii Pro eye-tracking glasses for field research, as well as HTC Vive VR headsets equipped with eye-tracking technology for measuring visual attention to objects in virtual environments.


In-Home Simulation Lab

       In Home Simulation Lab

Our In-Home Simulation Lab represents the best of both worlds—experimental control in a natural space. The In-Home Simulation Lab provides the control needed for conducting social scientific research and testing specific message components while still maintaining a comfortable environment where viewers can engage with media in a natural manner.


Gaming & Virtual Reality (VR) Labs

       Gaming Lab

Gaming is one of the most popular forms of contemporary entertainment, and the CCR houses multiple labs to support gaming research. Our technology allows researchers to explore console-based and PC gaming.  In addition, we examine virtual environments using a variety of platforms, including Oculus, PlayStation VR, and more.


Survey Experiment Labs, Resources, & Technology

       Survey Experiment Lab

One efficient way to test a message—be it video, image, online or audio—is through controlled environments where you can reduce viewer distractions and help ensure focused attention to a message.  The CCR contains a large, 24-seat experiment lab where viewers can be randomly assigned to privately view specific messages in a highly controlled fashion.  In these labs, researchers use software from MediaLab and DirectRT for highly controlled experiments, as well as Qualtrics for online surveys and experiments.


Dial Testing Lab & Technology

       Dial Testing Research (CRM)

Dial testing, more formally known as “continuous response measurement,” or “moment-to-moment response,” allows you to measure audience response to any type of video or audio message on a second-by-second basis. The CCR's dial testing lab uses Perception Analyzer hardware and software from DialSmith, an industry-standard technology solution. In the lab, viewers use small, hand-held dials to continuously report their evaluation of any type of recorded or live communication behavior or media content. Researchers can unobtrusively monitor each lab session remotely from an observation room. This technology can also be used in the field for on-site testing of messages or live presentations.