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Coy Callison, Ph.D.

Professor & Associate Dean for Graduate Studies & Research

Coy Callison, Ph.D.

My research typically focuses on source and message factors and their interaction with cognitive tendencies and saliency factors underlying the attentiveness of individual audience members. I am interested in how people select, recall and then act on information they receive from a variety of mediated sources.

Research Areas: Science, Environmental, Crisis or risk communication [Read more about Callison's research]


Phone: +1.806.834.5344

Asheley R. Landrum, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Interim Assistant Dean of Research

Asheley R. Landrum, Ph.D.Asheley R. Landrum, PhD, is a psychologist and Associate Professor specializing in strategic science communication. Prior to Texas Tech, she was the Howard Deshong Postdoctoral Fellow at the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Landrum's research bridges theory and methodology from educational, social, cognitive, and development psychology as well as communication research and public policy. Her work has appeared in journals such as Nature Climate Change, Trends in Cognitive Sciences, Trends in Biotechnology, Developmental Science, Cognition, Advances in Political Psychology, and Journal of Risk Research.

Research Areas: Science, political, environmental, social media [Read more about Landrum's research]


Phone: +1806.834.6367


Kristina McCravey

Lab Manager  

Email: kristina.mccravey@ttu.edu

Phone: +1.806.834.3590 

Tyler Myatt

Grant Writer

Email: Tyler.Myatt@ttu.edu

Phone: +1.806.834.7589