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The College of Media & Communication's online study registration system provides an easy method for you to sign up for studies and track your progress throughout the term. Everything is done online, so you can access the system at any time, from any computer with a standard web browser.

Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQ Answers:

What is the website to sign up for a study?

To sign up for a study in the College of Media & Communication, go to http://ttucomc.sona-systems.com.


How do I request an account?

You will see a link to request an account on the front page of the system site at http://ttucomc.sona-systems.com. Click “Request and account here” to begin.

On the next screen, you will be required to provide some very basic information.

Note that you must use your Texas Tech Email Account as your user ID, NOT YOUR ERAIDER ID. The system automatically sends you an email notification with your login information and instructions shortly after requesting your account. You will be assigned a password, which you can change after your first login.

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How do I log in to the system?

Your User ID is always the first part of your @ttu.edu email address. If you have trouble logging in, the system can send your password to that address.


Can I change my password?

You can change your password at any time from the "My Profile" link once you are logged in to SONA. If you would like to change your password, type your new password (twice, for confirmation) in the provided boxes. If you would not like to change your password, simply leave these boxes empty.


What if I forgot or lost my password?

If you have forgotten or do not have your password, you may choose to have your password emailed to you. You will see an option on the front login page to request your login. Your password will be emailed after you submit the form, and should arrive in your email box momentarily. If you provided an alternate email address it will be sent there.


How do I sign up for studies?

To sign up to participate in a study, click on “Study Sign Up” after you have logged in.

There you will see a list of active studies. If you don't see any studies listed, keep checking back. Studies are added throughout the semester.

To find out more information about a study, click on that study's title. You will be taken to a page that provides specific details about the study, where it's being conducted, and how much credit you will earn by participating.

You will see a list of any special restrictions or eligibility requirements, as well as the contact information of the administrator if you have questions about the study.

The study may have other restrictions listed as Eligibility Requirements. An example of an eligibility requirement is "Left-handed people only." If listed, then the system does not enforce this restriction, but you should only sign up for the study if you meet this restriction. If you sign up for the study and you do not meet the restrictions, you will likely not receive credit for the study.

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Who can see the information about my sign-ups? I don't want everyone to know which experiments I signed up for.

Only the researcher for that study may see that you have signed up for it, along with the subject pool administrator. No other users may see this information.


I have signed up for an experiment, but I just found out I could not participate at that time. How do I cancel my appointment?

If it is more than 2 hours before your appointment, then you can cancel your appointment from the SONA website. After you have logged in, click on "My Schedule and Credits". You will see a table showing your "Study Sign-ups". Click the "cancel" button next to the appointment that you wish to cancel. You will be asked to confirm the cancellation.

If it is less than 2 hours before your appointment, then you will not be able to cancel on the SONA website. However, you can click on the name of the study to obtain the name and e-mail address for the experimenter who is responsible for that study appointment. You should then e-mail experimenter to let him/her know that you would like to cancel or re-schedule your appointment. Please let experimenters know in advance if you cannot keep your scheduled appointment.

Remember, if you fail to appear for a study without cancelling or contacting the researcher you will be marked as a Failure to Appear. If you acquire 2 Failures to Appear you will be denied access to further SONA studies. You would still be able to earn credits by submitting 1-credit Article Reviews.


I wrote a paper/review instead of participating in experiments. How do I know I have completed my requirements?

Please view the My Schedule and Credits page and any non-experiment credit will be listed there. See the Tracking Your Progress section of this documentation for more information.


How do I update my profile in the system?

If you would like to update your profile in the system, please choose “My Profile” from the top toolbar.


How do I change the email address where email notifications from the system are sent?

Provide an alternate email address and notifications will be sent there. In some cases, this option may not be available.


I participated in an experiment, but I have not received any credit. How do I receive credit?

The experimenter must grant you credit. This is usually done shortly after your participation. If it has been some time and you have still not received credit, please contact the experimenter.


How can I tell how many credits I have earned so far and how many I still need to earn?

You can view a list of completed credits as well as the number required from the "My Schedule and Credit" link once you have logged in to the SONA website.


How do I track my progress?

You may track your progress at any time by choosing the My Schedule/Credits option from the top toolbar. When you view this page, you will see at the top a list of the number of credits you are required to earn, and how many you have earned so far.

You may also have an option to view how many credits you have earned for each course. Below that, if you have signed up for any studies, those are listed as well. In the list of studies, you will see information about your credit status.


Can I reassign credits from one course to another if I belong to multiple courses?

If you belong to multiple courses, you may reassign a credit from one course to another. To do this, simple use the Reassign link that appears when you view your progress. The link appears under the course entry for each item in your progress listing. You may not split a credit between two courses, for example by assigning 2 credits of a 3-credit study to one course, and 1 credit from that study to another course.


How do I log out when I am finished with a study?

When you are done using the system, choose Log Out from the toolbar on the left side to log out. You are now logged out. It is always a good security measure to close all your browser windows as well, especially if you are using a computer that is shared by others.