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Undergraduate Cross-Listed Courses

Women's & Gender Studies (WGS) is grateful to all the home departments that continue to see the correlation between your course content offerings and that of the Women's Studies Program mission

A cross listed course is a single course which is delivered by a home department which shares the enrollment with the WGS; it has two separate CRN numbers and two catalogue prefix identifiers while maintaining the same title to the course.

Usually there are 5-10 seats in this course, which fall under the Women's Studies CRN number and are created by the staff coordinator of WGS.  Course fees from those seats go to WGS; the remainder of the seats are under the home dept. CRN and those fees go to that home department.


What does cross-listed mean?
How do cross-listed courses work?
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How can I get into the WS 2300 class if it is full?
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Listed here are all the cross-listed classes associated with the program.  Women's Studies cannot offer these courses without confirmation from the home department.

Undergraduate Cross-Listed Courses

(See TTU Catalog for detail descriptions)

Note: Courses in parenthesis are "cross-listed" with another department

WS Prefix Description Home Department
WGS 2301
Gender Roles: Lifespan Developmental Perspectives
(HDFS 2300)
WGS 3307
Gender Issues in Sport
(ESS 3352)
WGS 3312^
Gender and Communication
(COMS 3334)
WGS 3321^
Human Sexuality from a Life Span Perspective
(HDFS 3321)
WGS 3323^
The History of Women in America
(HIST 3323)
WGS 3325^
Gendered Lives
(SOC 3325)
WGS 3326
Women and Politics
(POLS 3326)
WGS 3331^
Sexuality, Intimate Relations and Family Life
(SOC 3331)
WGS 3337^
Inequality in America
(SOC 3337)
WGS 3340
Gender & Sexuality in the Classical World
(CLAS 3340)
WGS 3341+
Women in European Civilization
(HIST 3341)
WGS 3342
Intro to Research in Human Geography
(GEOG 3340)
WGS 3382
Women Writers
(ENGL 3382)
WGS 4302
Psychology of Human Sexual Behavior
(PSY 4300)

^ Fulfills Core Social and Behavioral Sciences - Individual or Group Behavior Requirement
+ Fullfills Core Humanities Requirement

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* Source: NWSA

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