Texas Tech University

Senior Academy for Adult Learners 55+

Texas Tech University has chosen to participate in an optional State of Texas program established by Texas Education Code 54.263, which encourages older adults to continue their education by providing free tuition to individuals who are 55 and older.

Program Details

• Participant must be a Texas resident. Click here for details on Texas residency.

• The program will cover six credit hours of free tuition per semester.

• Participant is responsible for all associated fees, including the $75 application fee.

• Participant can enroll in classes that are not already filled with students paying full price for the courses (If the class is too small to accommodate both regular students and senior citizens, the regular students must be given priority).

• New requirements for minimum Grade Point Average and Limit to Total number of hours have been established by Senate Bill 1210 and go into effect Fall 2014.

• Some exception may apply

Degree Seeking Students

Please complete the Senior Academy application and pay the application fee of $75.

If you have completed college level coursework after graduating high school, you will need to complete the Apply Texas Transfer application to Texas Tech University, pay the $75 application fee and provide official transcripts from every institution you have attended.

If you have not completed coursework at a college or university after high school, please complete and submit the Apply Texas Freshman application, and pay the $75 application fee to Texas Tech University.

Please upload a copy of your driver's license through RaiderConnect, email to admissions@ttu.edu
or mail to Undergraduate Admissions, Box 45005, Lubbock, TX 79409.

If you have any additional questions that are not addressed by the information provided above, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (806) 742-1480 or by email: admissions@ttu.edu