Texas Tech University

Schedule a Group Visit


Teachers, counselors, and group coordinators:

It is never too early to prepare your students for college. Visiting a college campus can be a great way to introduce your students to life beyond high school. We encourage you to schedule a visit today! Groups are welcome to tour the Texas Tech campus Monday through Friday. The University is closed on Saturday and Sunday. Due to the high volume of special events and prospective students we host daily, we recommend you follow the recommended guidelines to help ensure an informative, productive and exciting visit.



    • Get the complete campus experience; visit while classes are in session. See calendar.
    • Wear comfortable walking shoes and check the weather prior to arrival. 
    • We recommend that groups visit on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays.
    • Make reservations at least three weeks in advance.
    • Bring groups of 15 students or more.

Unavailable Tour Dates for Large Groups (Spring 2019)

Due to special events and holidays which bring a high volume of general visitors to campus, the dates below will be unavailable for group visits. Tour availability is available on a first-come first-serve basis. 

    • February 8th
    • February 15th
    • February 18th
    • February 22nd
    • March 11th-15th
    • March 29th
    • April 5th
    • April 19th
    • April 22nd

Middle and Elementary School Groups

Sponsors for middle school/junior high groups (or younger) should contact the College Connect office at 806.742.2420 to schedule a campus visit.

For more information, please call Caleb Wagner at 806.834.4858 or email caleb.wagner@ttu.edu.