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Our Mission Statement


The mission of the Texas Tech Therapeutic Riding Center is to provide the highest quality of equine-assisted therapy to people with disabilities in the South Plains.  Through a collaborative effort of medical and universal professional, our goal is to enhance the quality of life of each person participating in hippotherapy and therapeutic riding.  It is further a mission of the program to train students in all aspects of equine-assisted therapy and to contribute to the scientific knowledge in this area through research.




Texas Tech Therapeutic Riding Center is proud to call the Texas Tech Equestrian Center home.  TTRC uses a Sensory Trail where riders can ride over a bridge, through trees, up and down a hill and feel the Lubbock wind in their faces.



Due to the amount of support and growth experienced over the last few years, TTRC is currently in the process of planning and fundraising for a new, state of the art facility.***TTRC has completed construction on Phase I of our new facility! Stay tuned for more information!***  Only through your continued support and donations will TTRC be able to achieve its goal of a new facility.


Our Programs


Hippotherapy (Hippos- from the Greek word for horse) is a term which refers to the use of the movement of a horse as a treatment modality by trained physical, occupational, and speech therapist.  The horse’s stride provides sensory input through movement that is variable, rhythmic, and repetitive.  The horse is used as a part of an integrated treatment program to achieve functional outcomes.  The movement of the horse as it is walking occurs in the same planes of motion that a human’s pelvis moves when he/she is walking.  A rider seated astride a horse has normal movement translated into their pelvis as they ride.  Riding horses relaxes tight muscles, improves strength, coordination and motor skills, and stimulates the respiratory and vestibular systems as well as neurological activity.


Clients who benefit from hippotherapy may have the following


Some of the diagnoses seen in hippotherapy are, but not limited to:



Our Programs


Therapeutic riding uses equine-assisted activities for the purpose of contributing positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional, and social well-being of people with disabilities.  After an assessment by the therapeutic riding instructor, the clients are taught to ride based on their skills and learning styles.  During the evaluation a therapeutic riding instructor will assess the client’s needs and check for any contraindications or precautions to riding based on PATH, Intl. guidelines.  Modifications of track, involvement of volunteers, and horse selections are based on the client’s special needs.  At TTRC, the emphasis is on an enjoyable and relaxing experience which provides additional benefits in the areas of socialization, posture, mobility and an overall improved quality of life.


Individuals with the following disabilities commonly participate and benefit from therapeutic riding:



For more information about our program, please call Texas Tech Therapeutic Riding Center at 806-792-4683.  If you are interested in signing up for a program, please click here to download the paperwork for any equine-assisted activities.