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Notable Graduates of This Laboratory

This laboratory has graduated many students at each level (B.S., M.S., Ph.D. and Postdocs). Many have gone on to hold positions of distinction. Some of the graduates hold faculty positions in other universities. Their web links are below.

Several MS students have gone on to hold major positions. Dr. Tiffanie Brooks, after her M.S., graduated from Veterinary School at Texas A&M and now holds a faculty position at TTU. Dr. Craig Lewis completed his M.S. here and then went to Edinburgh for his PhD, then Australia for a Post-Doc and now is a geneticist at PIC USA. Ann McDonald completed her MS here and now is in charge of animal welfare compliance (and other areas) at Farmland Foods (a Smithfield company). Nadege Krebs, Ph.D., works for Noldus. Mhairi Sutherland, Ph.D., works for Ag Research, New Zealand. Avi Sapkota, Ph.D., works as a USDA Post-Doctoral Fellow.

Notable graduates with web links


Laboratory of Animal Behavior, Physiology and Welfare