ASFR Staff



  Name Title
Walls, Janessa Walls, Janessa Managing Director
 Patricia Vitela Vitela, Patricia Assistant Managing Director

Academic Support

  Name Title
Eaton, Heather Eaton, Heather Unit Supervisor of Academics
Massengale, Catherine Massengale, Catherine Academic Unit Coordinator
 Erica Romero, ASFR, TTU, Texas Tech University Romero, Erica Academic Unit Coordinator
Weathersby, Emily Weathersby, Emily Academic Unit Coordinator

Facilities Resources

  Name Title
  Vacant Unit Coordinator of Academic Events
Whitledge, Vanessa Whitledge, Vanessa Event Registration Services and CEU Coordinator
  Sasser, Bianca Unit Coordinator of Instructional Facilities
Virgadamo, Marissa Virgadamo, Marissa Student Assistant
  Faal, Amie Student Assistant