Texas Tech University

Notary service for official university business

By written request, the Registrar will certify the authenticity of an official Texas Tech University transcript or an original photo copy of a Texas Tech University diploma. Documents, forms, or photocopies requiring authentication (notary public) should be sent with a cover letter and signature requesting certification. Documents received will be returned to the student. Please send your request to the attention of Kelsey Young, West Hall, Room 115.

Please note: The Office of the Registrar does not use express mail services. The documents will be returned by regular mail. Be sure to send documents in advance to meet any upcoming deadlines.

Texas Secretary of State requirements

If an Apostille is required, it is the student's responsibility to prepare and send the required documents to the Texas Secretary of State. The Secretary of State will complete the process for Apostilles and authentication of documents.
Click here for more information regarding the Texas Secretary of State requirements.


Office of the Registrar