Academic Schedulers


ASFR trains academic staff members charged with entering data pertaining to department schedules and maintaining the course information for the terms of the academic year. Questions pertaining to classes taught - either on or off campus - can be directed to the office.

Points of Contact

Question Contact
Questions over Collaborative Scheduling?, or
Additional academic questions Email:
Questions over reserving academic space for an event? Email: or
Questions regarding General Purpose Classrooms or academic facilities? Email: or
Questions over registration, holds, program changes, maximum student hours, student record changes or issues? Email: or
Questions over Prerequisites, Co-requisites, & Restrictions or the Course Inventory? Email: and or
Questions over Cognos Student Reports? Email:
Questions over CAPP? Email
Questions over Degree Works? Email
Questions regarding course fees? Email:
Questions regarding student billing? Email:

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Ad Astra Scheduling Begins (Advanced Access) for Summer and Fall (201587, 201597, 201627)
    Feb 2, 2015
  • Ad Astra Scheduling Open Section Requesting for Summer and Fall (201587, 201597, 201627)
    Feb 16, 2015
  • Summer and Fall (201587, 201597, 201627) term Available on Raiderlink
    Mar 2, 2015
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Academic Scheduling – Ad Astra

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