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Facilities Resources' primary objectives include providing event scheduling to the TTU community, proper facility representation to the academic units, and creating & maintaining quality learning spaces on the main campus of TTU.

Use of all academic space on campus is under the direction of ASFR with exception of the Wiggins complex, other auxiliary or administrative buildings, and the buildings listed below. To request information, please contact the appropriate area:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule my final exam at a different time and/or in a different room?

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All faculty members giving final examinations must adhere to the printed scheduled time and room assignment unless granted permission to deviate from the official time by the departmental chairperson, the dean, and the senior vice provost. Faculty members should wait for approval from senior vice provost before announcing an alternate examination procedure to the students.

If you wish to deviate from the printed schedule, you will need approval via email from your departmental chairperson and dean. Both approvals should be forwarded to the senior vice provost for review. If the request is initially received by ASFR, it will be forwarded to the senior vice provost with additional information on how the change coincides with other scheduled exams. If approved, the requestor will receive an email confirmation.

I want to schedule my class final for the week before exams, so how do I schedule that?

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Examinations, other than bona fide make-up examinations, are not to be given during the last week of classes. Courses wherein lab examinations and design studio reviews are normally scheduled the week prior to finals are excluded from this policy. For summer sessions, two days before final examinations will be set aside as days of no examinations, except for administering bona fide make-up or lab examinations.

As a matter of clarification, the "last week of classes" is defined as the last five class days prior to "individual study day" and the first day of final examinations, or the last two days in the summer session.

How do I schedule a departmental exam or common exam?

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A departmental exam, or common exam, covers several sections of the same course taught by different instructors for the purpose of establishing a uniform scale of achievement. Departmental, or common exams, are scheduled though ASFR with the following guidelines:

  1. Multiple section courses (courses with two or more sections in a semester) may schedule a common final with approval from the department head, dean and senior vice provost. (The remaining text stays the same.)
  2. Multiple sections of a class taught by the same instructor are not eligible to give common examinations unless they are part of a course taught by more than one instructor.
  3. Common finals for each course scheduled must administer the same common exam to all sections of the course.
  4. Room accommodations will be made according to the total number of students enrolled in the course for that term and not on a section-by-section basis.

Each semester ASFR will assign rooms for common exams and this information will be distributed to the point of contact for that exam.

I have a student that has 3 exams on the same day. What is the University's policy for this situation?

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There is no university policy that provides relief to students who have three or more examinations scheduled the same day; in that situation, students may seek the assistance of the course instructors, department chair, and/or dean of the college.

I have a student in my class that has a conflict with my final and another class final. What do I do?

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If one or more of your students have a conflict with finals, you as the instructor can work out a make-up time for the student(s), but you should make your departmental chairperson aware of the conflict. We suggest contacting the Academic Testing Services at 742-3671. They can administer the test on your behalf when it is convenient for the student(s).

I want to schedule an event on "dead day" or a finals day. How do I do that?

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No extracurricular activities of any kind may be scheduled within individual study day and the final examination period without the written permission of the PSVP.

If there are extenuating circumstances that you feel justify your event taking place during finals, please send an email toKristina Lusk with specific information about your event and why it needs to take place on the requested day. This email will be forwarded to the Provost Office with additional information regarding exams taking place at the same time. An approval or denial email will be sent to Kristina Lusk. If your request is approved, this information will be forwarded to you with a reservation confirmation. If your request is denied, this information will be forwarded to you.

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