How do I view an extended title in Banner?

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If you need to view an extended title to your course in addition to the approved course title you can do so on SSASYLB in Banner. This can be helpful for seminar or special topic sections that vary from section to section. This information will be visible for the students online as well as print on their transcript. To do so, follow the steps below and let the Academic Support and Facilities Resources office know if you have any problems or questions!

Viewing an Extended Title
  1. Sections must first be built in SSASECT
  2. Go to SSASYLB (also found under the options drop down window while on the section in SSASECT)
  3. Type in the Term and CRN
  4. [Next Block]
  5. View the Section Title (found on SSASECT) ‐ Colon ‐ Extended Title
    1. Example : Section Title : Extended Title
  6. [Save]
    *Example below is in UDEV but you should do this in TTUSPRD*
    TTUSPRD - Section Long Title
    1. Press Next block to add learning objectives
    2. Next block again to Required Materials
    3. Next Block a 3rd time to enter Technical Requirements
All information entered here will be shown on the Students' Transcript and visible to the Students on Raiderlink.