How do I enter a TBA course in Banner?

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If you have classes that are scheduled as TBA like practicum’s, internships, etc; follow these steps in Banner to ensure the proper meeting time information is entered. Do not leave it blank!

To Be Arranged Sections (AR)

  1. Banner on the SSASECT form; enter the CRN and Term
  2. [Next Block]
  3. [Next Block] – you should be on the meeting times screen
  4. Click on Meeting Time pull down arrow
  5. Search for appropriate Meeting Time Code –AR for To Be Arranged
    Search for the Meeting Time Code - AR for To Be Arranged
  6. Select the AR line to Highlight and double click
  7. The selected code will populate in leaving the Days blank and filling in 0000 and 0001 for the start and end time
  8. [Save]
  9. Now go back and Delete the Start and End time by highlighting 0000 press delete, tab to 0001 and press delete
  10. [Save]
    Delete the start and end times.

The course will now be fed to Ad Astra and be a pink color on your section grid. This is another tool to inform you that the section is a TBA and does not need a room assignment but has the correct time code. If in Ad Astra you see a start and end time of 1200am – 1201am you need to go back into Banner and follow the steps above starting with steps 1‐3 (skip steps 4‐8)and 9‐10.