Campus Codes and Internships

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Campus Codes

  • TLB – Main campus code & carries all main campus fees
  • TDE – Distance Education
  • *TUO – In Texas but off Campus
  • *TOT – Out of State

It appears that we have two kinds of internships if the students are not located on the main campus of TLB. Please choose one of the following when building internships or practicums:

  1. Students are in one location and faculty are here and the students are corresponding over email and the internet. For these sections they will be coded as TDE campus codes with the appropriate instructional method.
  2. Students report to the internship, and then the departments receive information at the conclusion of the term by a survey filled out by the employer. These internships should be coded as a campus code of TOT or TUO depending where the student is located.

Online & Off-campus Course Section Coding Policies