How to Multi-Edit Preferences

Open "How to Multi-Edit Preferences" in a full window

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  1. Navigate to the Academics tab
  2. Click on the hyperlink on the right side of the page titled Scheduling Preferences

  3. Then click on the All Terms Preference Set; this can be done by clicking on the hyperlink OR the Pencil icon at the end of the row.

  4. Decide at what level you would like to add your preference. Remember:
    • An example of Meeting Type/Subject Preference: generally a Lecture section will use a Classroom (110) and Lab sections will generally use a Class Laboratory (210).
    • An example of a Subject/Course Preference: generally Math sections will be scheduled in the Math Building; not all sections will fit in the building so a Region of GPC will assist the Math scheduler.
  5. Once you have decided which type of Preference you would like to enter use the drop down menu to pick the appropriate Preference Type.


    menuThen click Edit.
  6. Find the Subject of the courses that you would like to amend using the scroll bar and use the plus sign to open the list of courses.
  7. Check the List of courses you would like to amend
  8. Click on the Multi Edit Icon found at the bottom of the filter.