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Navigating & Understanding the Available Rooms Tool

Open "Navigating & Understanding the Available Rooms Tool" in a full window

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  1. Navigate to the Academic tab and then click on the Sections link.


  2. In the Section grid choose the section by clicking on the section title or the edit icon (pencil icon).


  3. In the expanded Section Details you can click the Edit button at the top left of the page.


  4. Click the assign icon (House icon)


  5. Once you are in the Scheduler display window, users may review all of the available spaces. Expand the column to show more information.


    1. Room: The building name and room number appear in the Room column.
    2. Regions: E ach academic area is assigned a region which indicat es who has advanced access.
    3. Capacity: S hows the capacity of the room. Note : If a capacity is incorrect , contact ASFR
    4. Room Type: Room Type is the official coding of the academic space determined by TTU’s Operations Division of Planning and Administration (ODPA) .
    5. Score: This column illustrates the overall score of the preference set and the percent fill of the room
    6. Pref. Score: shows the percentage that a particular room meets your preferences
    7. Seat Fill Score : Displays the percentage of seats that should be fil l ed based on m aximum e nrollment. The State’s Space Utilization Efficiency ( SUE ) score requires a minimum of 65% seat fill.
    8. Section Meeting informat ion: Expand the column to view individual meeting instances. Rooms may be selected for the entire meeting pattern by clicking in the meetin g pattern column or for individual instances by clicking the desired room row under each meeting instance .
    9. Page: O ften there will be multiple pages of results, depending on the preferences entered.
    10. Room Availability Status : The rooms that are available wi ll either have Available under the section column based on your user access. Rooms that are unavailable will have Unavailable or Conflicts listed and you may hover over the status to view the information. Note : The Advanced Access Dates still apply and requests should not be submitted prior to that date.

  6. Expand the Meeting Pattern column to display individual meeting times as well as additional room conflicts and availability. You may select a room by clicking on individual instances or the entire meeting pattern.


  7. Room Conflicts: By double - clicking on a conflict in the Meeting Patterns form, you are able to select a room where available, or double - book a room. NOTE : Double - booking is accessible based on proper user access.

  8. Hover Option: You may hover over the icon next to the room name and the R oom Details will be displayed, i ncluding a picture if available. For full room details, you may also visit the Resources tab and search by room.