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Navigating the Section Detail

Open "Navigating the Section Detail" in a full window

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  1. Navigate to the Academic tab and then click on the Sections link.


    In the Find Sections box enter your search parameters. i.e. Term, Subject, Campus then click Search

    1. Keyword: Allows you to enter keyword search criteria, only
      sections with matching keywords will be returned
    2. Start/End Date: Shows the date range that the section meets.
    3. Days Met: Simply check the appropriate meeting days and only the sections containing those days will be displayed.
    4. Term: Allows you to select one specific term at a time.
    5. Subject: Allows you to search by one subject at a time.
    6. Course: Allows you to search by one course at a time.
    7. Instructor: Allows you to search by the Instructor’s full name; you
      can also type the instructor’s name.
    8. Campus: Allows you to select from any of the schedulable campus
      codes of Texas Tech.
    9. Building: Shows all building selections on Campus
    10. Room: Shows all room selections on Campus
    11. Search: This is the most important button in Ad Astra. Results will
      not be filtered until the Search button is pressed.

      The default filter shows ALL Terms, Subjects, & Campuses


  2. Now you can see a complete list of sections that meet your search criteria; to change the display order simply click on the column headings or choose from the drop down menu.


  3. To see the Section Details hover over the icon to see a snap shot of the section


    • To see additional information you can do one of two things:
      • Click on the Course/Section Name OR
      • Click on the View Section Details in the section snap shot.

  4. In the Section List choose the section by clicking on the section title
    Couse/Section Details: Once you open the Course/Section details you can see all the important information.
    1. Section Info: This box contains all of the critical information about section.
    2. Subject: This is the Subject of the section as it has been entered in Banner.
    3. Course: This is the numerical representation of the Course entered in Banner.
    4. Delivery Method: This represents the various course offering formats utilized during the creation of sectio ns. By default, all courses are assumed to have a “Standard” delivery method.
    5. Section: This is the individual section of the Subject & Course entered in Banner.
    6. Title: The title is entered in Banner on SCACRSE and all changes should go through IR.
    7. Campus: The campus code is entered in Banner & reflects where the section is being taught
    8. Term: This number represents the Academic Term in which the section was built.
    9. Import Id: D isplays the academic term followed by the CRN for use in Banner. For example: 201427_18184 . Term: 20 1427, CRN 18184 .
    10. Max Enrollment & Enrollment: Enrollment shows the number of students currently enrolled & this is updated nightly. Max Enrollment shows the maximum enrollment allowed. Note: This cap is set in Banner and is not the maximum room capacity

    11. menu
      Meetings: This box contails all the Meeting information.

    12. Meeting Type: This shows the current Meeting Type for the section.
    13. Start/End Time: Shows the current meetings start & end times. This information feeds from Banner.
    14. Day: Shows the current meeting days. This information feeds from Banner.
    15. Start/ End Dates: This information feeds from Banner and shows the date range the section meets.
    16. Instructor: This shows the instructor of record. This information feeds from Banner.
    17. Room: Shows the current building and room assignment for this section.
    18. Cross - List Info: This shows any other s ections that are also cross - listed with the current section. This infor mation feeds from Banner and should never be entered in Ad Astra .
    19. Cross - List Id: This is the cross - list identifier used to identify multiple sections associated with an identical code.