How do I view the "Week at a Glance" in Raiderlink?

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The Week at a Glance displays the faculty’s weekly class schedule by day and time. It includes the Course Name, Number, Section, CRN number, and Meeting Time.

Courses without assigned meeting times will be displayed at the bottom right portion of the page.

Click on the hyperlink of the course to go to additional information about the course section. The hyperlink will display the Faculty Detail Schedule.

How to get to the Week at a Glance link?
  1. Click on the Faculty/Advisor Tab on Raiderlink|WebRaider
  2. In the Faculty and Advisor Links Channel Click on the Week at a Glance link to display the current week.
    Week at a Glance in Faculty and Advisor Links menu
Need To Go to another Week?

Click on the Next Week link or manually type in the week in the Go to (MM/DD/YYYY) field.

Choose Week

How to go back to the Faculty/Advisor Tab?
  1. Click on Return to Menu (in the area above your name)
    • If you click on this link, it will take you to a different view of the faculty and advisors link channel.
  2. OR - the Back to Faculty/Advisor Tab (top right portion of page)
    • If you click on this link, it will take you back to the main page

Week at a Glance Complete Screenshot