Looking up Current Enrollment Numbers in Raiderlink

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Raiderlink can be used to find up to date and accurate enrollment numbers as an alternative to using Cognos or the Ad Astra scheduling system. Log on to www.raiderlink.ttu.edu using a valid eRaider ID.

  1. Raiderlink Home Screen
    • Click on the Advisor Tab
    • You may need to be given access to this tab if you do not see it. (This tab is available to employees who have been through the Banner Basics & FERPA training and are enrolled in the Intermediate Banner Student Course. If you have completed the necessary training and still do not see the tab please email Kathy.smith@ttu.edu or Rachel.galley@ttu.edu)

  2. Advisor Dashboard
    • On the right hand side find the box with the heading: Faculty and Advisor Links
    • Click on Schedule Search Tool

  3. MyTech Home Screen
    • Set the parameters for the Dept., Campus, Term, Etc.

    • Then click Display Sections
    • The sections requested will appear below the parameter settings box

    • You can copy all of the information (in Internet Explorer) on the table and paste to Microsoft Excel, save, and edit the document as you wish


NOTE: This is real time data