Raiderlink is Now Open for Scheduling - What does that mean?

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What does that mean for your schedule?

All departments should be reviewing their schedule in BOTH Ad Astra and Cognos. Why both?

  1. Ad Astra will only show classes that have days and times associated with them. Including but not limited to:
    Meeting Time Code
  2. Cognos will show ALL valid CRNs including cancelled classes and classes marked as invisible to students.
    All valid CRNs
PLEASE REMEMBER: If a section is NOT cancelled students can still register even if there are no days & times associated with the section.
What is the difference between a CANCELLED CRN and a DELETED CRN?
  1. CANCELLED – if a section is cancelled it means that the students will not be able to see the section on Raiderlink; this status will also prevent a student from being enrolled in the section. If the enrollment number is at ZERO students can still see the course on Raiderlink and also could be permitted into the section by mistake. Cancelled CRNs do roll to the like future terms (Spring to Spring; Fall to Fall) so that you as a scheduler will NOT have to rebuild the CRN. This also helps eliminate errors as the correct section build will roll with the section.
  2. DELETED – if a section is removed or deleted it is permanent and the CRN will no longer exist including in future terms. Please remember that this can affect the fees associated with certain classes and this information will also not roll. If the department chooses to offer this course again the section will need to be created from scratch.