How do I view the class roster in Banner?

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Once you are in this form you will want to enter the CRN and hit next block.

At that point you will want to scroll all the way to the bottom. The second number on the bottom left hand side of Banner is the number of students registered:

Number of Students Registered

If you notice, the sequence number is NOTthe total number of students enrolled in this course it is simply the number of records that have been entered!

The second number i.e. Record 14/14 is the total number of students registered.

Don’t forget there is a Banner form equivalent to TechSIS screen 105 as well which is SSASECQ (the “Q” meaning this is a query form so don’t forget to use the F8 key). SSASECQ will show you the max limit set for the course, the total number of students enrolled, and the number of seats available.