Using the Ad Astra Calendar

Open "Using the Ad Astra Calendar" in a full window

To see room availability, the best place to look is in the calendar. ASFR suggests using the Grid view either in Day or Week. Remember to set your filters to increase efficiency.


    1. Using your eRaider, log onto Ad Astra http://academicscheduling.ttu.edu/Astra_Schedule. A link can also be found on the ASFR website www.depts.ttu.edu/asfr.
    2. Click the Calendars tab at the top of the page. The unfiltered university calendar will appear.
Select Calendar tab

Setting a Filter

    1. Use the Edit Search Filter button in the Calendars tab to set and create filters.
Edit Search Filter
    1. In the Edit Filter box set Campus Code to TLB for TTU Lubbock, then choose the desired Building and Room from the pull-down menus. Once these are chosen, select View Calendar. No other parameters are required.
Edit Filters
    1. Click Manage Filters after setting the desired filter to save it for future use.
Manage Filters
    1. Give the Filter a name, set as default if desired, and click Save when finished. This will add the filter to a pull-down menu for future access.
Click SaveAdd Filter

Setting the View

    1. Click Grid and Week views to view all scheduled activities for the week.
    1. Use the Calendar to select the time frame. In Week view, the date selected will be the first date shown.
Select Time FrameWeek View

Requesting Events from the Calendar

If the desired meeting time and date is available, click the open space in the grid. This will bring you to the event wizard. Request your event as usual. If a recurring meeting is desired, select the date and time of the first meeting, and set the recurrence in the event form.

Click open space to set meeting time