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How to Review Requested Events

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The Events Tab allows you to review events you have submitted in the Astra System.

  1. Click on Events.
  2. Click on the Events sub tab.


  3. The list has multiple filters which can be applied to se arch for your events. At a minimum, select your name under Customer Contact to view any events with you as the contact. Additional filters can be applied, such as event dates or the event name in the Keyword field, to narrow the search.


  4. There are several ways to review event details:
    1. The columns in the Event List can be amended by clicking on the drop-down menu on any of the existing columns and placing a checkmark next to the information you wish to have displayed:

    2. Hover your mouse pointer of the information card icon which will display basic event details:

    3. Open the event by clicking on the event name: