Recommended Step-by-Step Guide To Planning A Short Course or Conference

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Step 1: Begin planning your course or conference months ahead. This is especially crucial if you plan to apply for supplemental program funding through grants or corporate sponsorships.

Step 2: Set the tentative dates, time, and location, and other details of your program.

  • Date, time, and place of registration.
  • Course or conference fees.
  • Registration deadlines for early bird discounts, late fees, authors, etc.
  • Elective items: Special events, meals, tours.

Step 3: To obtain the most effective service through our office, contact our office within the following time frame:

  • Short Courses: 6 to 9 months prior to the proposed date.
  • National Conferences: 12-15 months prior to the proposed date.
  • International Conferences: 18 – 36 months prior to the proposed date.

Step 4: Develop a preliminary budget giving consideration to the following items:

  • Expected attendance.
  • Course or conference registration fees.
  • Early bird discounts, late fees.
  • Sponsor income.
  • Vendor income.
  • Type of facilities and Equipment desired. NOTE: This MUST be reserved prior to entering the event in EventRegistration Services.
  • Speaker Honoraria and Travel.
  • Costs for Special Events such as welcome receptions, awards banquets, field trips and tours, social gatherings,and committee meetings.