How do I schedule a departmental exam or common exam?

A departmental exam, or common exam, covers several sections of the same course taught by different instructors for the purpose of establishing a uniform scale of achievement. Departmental, or common exams, are scheduled though ASFR with the following guidelines:

  1. Multiple section courses (courses with two or more sections in a semester) may schedule a common final with approval from the department head, dean and senior vice provost. (The remaining text stays the same.)
  2. Multiple sections of a class taught by the same instructor are not eligible to give common examinations unless they are part of a course taught by more than one instructor.
  3. Common finals for each course scheduled must administer the same common exam to all sections of the course.
  4. Room accommodations will be made according to the total number of students enrolled in the course for that term and not on a section-by-section basis.

Each semester ASFR will assign rooms for common exams and this information will be distributed to the point of contact for that exam.