Viewings not related to a class

  • Movies that are shown outside of a class must be in the "public domain" for viewing.
    • In order to show these movies they must be restricted to only a certain group and not open to the public.
    • The movie must also serve an educational purpose. 
  • If the film is open campus wide there has to be some sort of viewing rights purchased if you are showing a movie that is not in the public domain. 
  • If you want to be able to show these movies to all of campus try to reserve a room in the Student Union Building as they have purchased the rights to several movies and that is how they are able to show them. 

Examples of Shows in the Public Domain

  • The Three Stooges have at least four shorts in the Public Domain: Disorder in the Court, Malice in the Palace, The Brideless Groom, and Sing a Song of Six Pants.
  • Some Laurel & Hardy, Popeye, Bugs Bunny, Our Gang, The Bowery Boys / East Side Kids, and many Buster Keaton shorts too.
  • ALL works (movies, songs, books, plays, etc.) created before 1925 are in the Public Domain. Many, but not all, works created prior to 1965 are also in the Public Domain.
  • For options of movies in the Public Domain: www.openflix.com