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Human Development and Family Studies

Undergraduate Studies

B.S. Human Development and Family Studies

The human development specialization is the study of human development from the prenatal period through adulthood. Opportunity is afforded in the Child Development Research Center for the student to observe and interact with infants, toddlers, and young children. The Center is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Supervised experiences with community groups provide opportunities for interaction with older children and adolescents. Opportunities are available for course work in adult development and aging. These experiences assist students in understanding developmental stages of human behavior and interpersonal relations as they occur in family or group care settings.

Senior level courses are focused on professional preparation in several career areas such as child development specialist with extension or other human services agencies, administration, and teaching in child care. Students who wish to continue their education into graduate school receive a broadly based study of human behavior and development and opportunities for involvement in research. Students minoring in human development take 18 hours of course work. The specific courses should be selected in consultation with an advisor in the department and in consultation with updated degree plans available in the departmental office.

Specialization in Early Childhood

Certification is offered for teachers of young children from 3 years of age through the 6th grade. The program meets current Texas requirements for teacher certification. Opportunity is afforded in the Child Development Research Center for the student to observe and interact with infants, toddlers, and young children. See an academic advisor for updated certification requirements which may occur from recent legislative mandates. Special endorsements may be obtained for special education and early childhood education for exceptional children.

More information on the Early Childhood Teacher Certification and Specialization can be found here.

Specialization in Family Studies

Drawing on family research and theory as well as other behavioral sciences, the family studies specialization is the study of the interactions among individual, group, and societal forces as they affect personal and social well-being within the context of couple, marriage, family, and peer relationships. Developing methods of enriching personal and family relationships are important concerns of this family studies area.

A variety of courses offer perspectives on interpersonal, marital and family behavior through development of the young child, courtship, early marriage, parenthood, and the middle and later years. Courses at the upper-division level provide professional training for the person wishing to seek employment in family life education, extension, probation, teaching, and other human service specialties. Those students preparing for graduate work find the family studies specialization a sound base from which to continue the study of human development and the family. Students may take a program of study as a family studies major that will lead to Teacher Certification.

Family Studies Minor

A student may minor in family studies by completing 18 hours of selected course work. Specific courses for the family studies minor are finalized and approved by the student in conjunction with the major and minor advisors. Courses: HDFS 2320, FS 2322, 3320, and 9 hours of FS or HDFS electives

Family Studies Teacher Certification

Family studies majors can choose an option which includes teacher certification in family and consumer sciences. The specialization provides a background in all family and consumer science subject areas, a specialization in family studies, and a certification to teach in Texas public school systems grades 6-12. Students seeking teacher certification must meet all requirements outlined in the Teacher Education section of the college catalog. To be recommended for certification, graduates must achieve satisfactory performance on an examination prescribed by the State Board of Education (ExCET).

Human Development and Family Studies

Degree Plans and Course Information

For more information on this program, please contact the HDFS Department at 806.742.3000.