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User Guides - Getting Started

*User Guides are being updated

Useful Downloads

  1. Basic training
  2. SSH Client (For Non-commercial Use Only)
  3. Putty
  4. Xming (X Server for Windows)
  5. XQuartz (X server for Mac OSX)

Account request

  1. All users with valid eraider account can request accounts to use HPCC facilities. Faculty/Staff request page
    Student/external user request page
  2. Research partners who do not have eraider account must request Research Partner Account first, then request HPCC account from Student/external user request page.

General user guides for Linux cluster -- Quanah

  1. Application environment setup user guide Quanah Application Environment Guide
  2. Job submission user guide Quanah Job Submission Guide
  3. Parallel environment user guide Quanah Parallel Environment Guide

General user guides for Linux cluster -- Hrothgar

  1. How to connect to the server - Windows Platform Connect to server - Windows User
  2. How to connect to the server - Linux Platform  Connect to server - Linux User
  3. Setting the user environmental -    User's Environment
  4. Transferring the files from remote server to the local machine and vice versa - Transfer Files
  5. Edit files using VI or EMACS or GEDIT or NANO Editing the files
  6. Basic Linux Commands - tutorial Basic Linux Commands
  7. Installing X-server on the workstation - Installing X Server
  8. Submitting and Running Jobs (on Hrothgar) - Submit and Run Jobs
  9. Checkpoint/Restart Serial Jobs/ Applications on Hrothgar - SGE Checkpoint
  10. Setting/Changing File Access Permissions on Hrothgar - Changing File Access Permissions

Application user guides for Hrothgar

  1. AMBER - AMBER Guide
  3. Matlab - Matlab Jobs Guide
  4. MPI Programming - MPI Programming Guide
  6. Cplex - CPLEX Guide
  7. NAMD - NAMD Job on Hrothgar
  8. LAMMPS - LAMMPS Guide
  9. TotalView - TotalView Guide
  10. R - Running R jobs on Hrothgar
  11. Abaqus - Abaqus Guide

Grid computing

  1. How to run grid jobs on TechGrid - Grid Jobs on TechGrid
  2. How to run grid jobs with R on TechGrid - Grid Jobs With R on TechGrid
  3. How to join SURAgrid and run jobs on SURAgrid - SURAgrid User Guide

Windows Cluster -- Janus

  1. How to access HPCC-Windows Cluster (Janus)- Guide-Access Janus

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