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HPCC User Guides

Account Request

  1. All users with valid eRaider accounts can request access to HPCC resources using the following links:
    1. Faculty/Staff account request
    2. Student/External account request
  2. Research partners who do not have an eRaider account must first request a "Research Partner Account" before requesting access to HPCC resources.
    1. Research Partner Account resources
    2. Research Partner HPCC account request


User Guides for Quanah and Hrothgar

General User Guides

  1. How to connect to our systems: Connecting to HPCC Systems
  2. How to set up your Application Environment: Software Environment Setup
  3. How to submit jobs to our systems: Job Submission Guide
  4. How to submit array jobs to our systems: Array Jobs Guide
  5. Understanding Parallel Environments (-pe): Parallel Environments (PE) Guide
  6. Understanding Projects (-P): Projects (-P) Guide
  7. Transferring files to/from HPCC resources: Transferring Data Guide

 Application Specific User Guides

  1. Python
    1. How to install Python packages: Installing Python packages locally
    2. How to install new versions of Python: Installing a local copy of Python
  2. R
    1. How to run R jobs - Running R Jobs on HPCC Resources



The following guides have not yet been updated:

  1. Basic Linux Commands - tutorial Basic Linux Commands
  2. Installing X-server on the workstation - Installing X Server
  3. Checkpoint/Restart Serial Jobs/ Applications on Hrothgar - SGE Checkpoint
  4. Setting/Changing File Access Permissions on Hrothgar - Changing File Access Permissions

Old Application Specific User Guides for Hrothgar

The following guides have not yet been updated:

  2. Matlab - Matlab Jobs Guide
  4. LAMMPS - LAMMPS Guide
  5. Abaqus - Abaqus Guide


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