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Kelsey Linnartz designs showcased at First Friday Art Trail


Kelsey Linnartz ADM First Friday Show
Photos by Kimberly Correa

Apparel Design and Manufacturing (ADM) major Kelsey Linnartz showcased her clothing designs to the Lubbock community at the First Friday Art Trail, located at the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts (LHUCA) on Friday, February 2.

The First Friday Art Trail is a free, self-guided public art trail that offers Lubbock's artists to shine in their work, with expression and creativity at the forefront. Every first Friday of the month artists and designers delight visitors with their work in an experience unique to Lubbock, Texas.

Students like Kelsey have the opportunity to join the First Friday Art Trail in showcasing their work. Many of whom aspire to careers as artists, or in Kelsey's case, a fashion designer. Kelsey was selected to join the BLNKA Exhibit featuring her collection, Divided.

BLNKA is is a talented team of artist and creatives in Lubbock who plan unique events every semester, celebrating Lubbock's potential and the creators within the city. The exhibit featured a combination of art, live bands, and 8 local fashion designers like Kelsey. BLNKA was unique in that it was interactive with audience members, models posing like mannequins in addition to a meet and greet with the artists.

"I began designing and sewing this collection in December and glory to God, completed it in 2 months," Kelsey said. "Lots of late nights sewing during the holiday break."

kelsey linnartz ttu adm first fridayKelsey says that she drew inspiration from Jesus' death on the cross, drawing from the narrative of Jesus' divided garments and the splitting of the curtain in the temple.

"I was inspired to use difference fabrics split up on the garments. Incorporating my faith as a designer makes it personal for me, being open about expressing my beliefs creatively helps me get to know people in a deeper way and listen to their own personal views."

For Kelsey, being apart of the BLNKA Exhibit was a thrilling experience that allowed her to learn so many different aspects of the fashion design process.

"I learned so much about event planning working alongside the committee and putting on this event. Having my creations on display was such an honor."

kelsey linnartz ttu adm first fridayKelsey says she chose a degree in Apparel Design and Manufacturing because of her passion for apparel design and creativity. Just talking about creating clothes excites Kelsey, which is why she loves learning about the technical side of fashion.

"Fashion design and creating uniquely inspired garments makes me feel fully alive! You know that feeling when you feel completely alive and you know you are doing what you are made to do? That's how I feel when I get to talk about my creations."

Kelsey's favorite aspect of the ADM program is the tight-knit academic community and small class sizes.

"My classmates are really wonderful and Its fun to have such small classes with the same people, it makes a large campus feel so much smaller."

Outside of the classroom Kelsey serves as Vice President of Hi-Tech Fashion Group, a student organization that focuses on the apparel industry providing professional and service opportunities for its members.

Along her journey in the ADM program, Kelsey has learned important aspects she says she is already utilizing in her design career like textiles, portfolio development, pattern design, fashion illustration and the hands-on approach to constructing clothing.

"I love getting to learn the skills to design our own patterns. This is something that used to intimidate me, but now I confidently do it all the time," Kelsey said. "Being able to create patterns as a designer helps set us up for success. We are learning and being prepared to be successful in a wide variety of aspects of the fashion industry."