Texas Tech University

Talk with People Important to You

Be sure to keep your parents, guardians, mentors, family members, & trusted friends up-to-date on your decision regarding study abroad. They will be impacted by it!

People close to you will want to know general information about your study abroad process as well as information that is specific your selected program such as housing, the host city, the local culture, and the courses you plan to take. Talk with them about how you are preparing for your study abroad experience. Here are some examples:

  • Share what you learn during pre-departure orientation about safety and security
  • Fill them in on what you find out during advising appointments about applications and deadlines
  • Ask them to quiz you on facts about your host country so that you can test the knowledge you are gaining from independent research and readings

And, of course, share contact information before you leave. You will want your loved ones to know how to get in touch with both the TTU Study Abroad office as well as the international program office in the event of an emergency.

The TTU Study Abroad office will provide you with a lot of information before, during, and after your study abroad experience. Sharing this information with the people who are in your life will help them to better understand and support your decision to study abroad, and open communication with those close to you is a great way to prepare for a successful, positive, and rewarding international experience.