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Red Raider #1: Literature & Publications

Title File
ABB: Industrial Solutions for Crude Oil Artificial Lift Applications Download
Allen's Casing Crews: Recommended Torque Specifications for all Oil Country Tubular Goods Download
Baroid Technical Literature Website
Halliburton Cementing Tables Website
Lone Star Steel: Line Pipe Products −17th Edition Download
Lufkin: Pumping Units Download
R&M Energy Systems: Hercules General Products Download
Security DBS Drilling Bits Download
NATGO Group: Oil and Gas Production Equipment Download
NATGO Group: DESI−DRI Natural Gas Dehydration System Download

Public Presentations

Title File
Presentation of Corporate Sponsors Download
Presentation to ALRDC: 1−14−02 Download
Presentation to PBOG: 1−29−02 Download
Presentation to ALEOC: 2−20−02 Download
Presentation to ALEOC: 9−11−02 Download
Presentation to Petroleum Engineering Freshmen: 10−22−02 Download
Presentation to SWPSC: 4−16−03  

Bob L. Herd Department of Petroleum Engineering