Texas Tech University

Red Raider #1: Research

The Red Raider #1 test well has a dual purpose: Training students in a real-world setting and providing valuable research for our partners in industry. Through research in the following five main research areas, we can hopefully have a large effect on the future of our country's energy future:

  1. Artificial Lift Design & Optimization
    • Beam Pumping (Pump Slippage, Rod Dynamics, Pump−Off Control)
    • Plunger Lift (Plunger Run−Time, Fall Rates, Pressure Requirements)
    • Gas Lift Installation (Valve Setting & Pressure Differentials, Valve Erosion
  2. Instrumentation
    • Acoustic Well Sounding
    • Temperature Surveys (Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature Survey)
  3. Production Smart−Well Techniques
  4. Fluid−Flow Dynamics (Multi−phase)
    • Thermal Methods
    • PCP Technologies
    • Ball−Pump Technologies

Bob L. Herd Department of Petroleum Engineering