Texas Tech University

Campus Resources

Academic Testing Services 

214 West Hall
(806) 742-3671

Provides a wide range of standardized exams that meet specific requirement needs for undergraduate, graduate and professional career path programs.

University Career Services

150 South Side, Wiggins Complex
(806) 742-2210

Assists students in career development and offers a variety of online assessments.The University Career Services also offers assistance with personal statements, essays, resume writing, and mock interviews.

University Writing Center  

175 English/Philosophy Building
(806) 742-2476

Assists students with writing assignments.
Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Chemistry Tutoring (for pay)

104 Chemistry Building
(806) 742-3067

An available list of tutors can be found in the Chemistry office or on the Chemistry department's website.

Tutoring & Study Center

106 Math Building

Tutoring for all math courses.