Texas Tech University

Academic Planning


Texas Tech offers over 150 different academic degree plans for you to choose from. By the end of your Sophomore Year (60 credit hours complete) you must have declared a major. Any student with undecided listed as your major, must specify a certain field of study. Texas Tech offers many different resources to help you find your major!

Plan ahead. Here are some tips from the Advising Center for your Sophomore Year:

First Semester of Sophomore Year

  • Make an appointment to meet with your academic advisor
  • Meet with Career Counselor at the Career Center
  • Identify and Declare best fit major/minor
  • Begin financial planning: open a checking/savings account
  • Know academic requirements for graduation
  • Explore interesting Student Organizations.
  • Explores job experience that supports career goals.
  • Participate in Career Fairs
  • Talk to a professional in selected major field - explore future educational needs.

Second Semester of Sophomore Year

  • Make an appointment to meet with your Academic Advisor
  • Participate in community outreach projects
  • Attend resume workshop
  • Participate in Career shadow program
  • Explore Summer employment and volunteer experiences

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No matter where your academic path may lead you, you have resources available -don't be afraid to ask if you need help!