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  • Emergency: 9-911
  • Non-emergency: 806-742-3931

Homeland Security

Texas Tech Police

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Requisition Forms
Identification / Security Access


  Click on the link provided below for the specific form needed.
  Fill out each blank in its entirety, DO NOT leave spaces with nothing in them. Please do not print the form out and hand write the information in the spaces provided, we need you to fill out the form before it is printed.
  Once you have the form filled out, print it. You will need to sign the form in the space marked "Signature of Applicant". Once you have signed the form, you'll need to obtain an authorized signature on the form. This person is typically the Director of the department (or his designee).
  Once you have the form completed, take it to the Texas Tech Police Department during the times listed on the form to obtain your Identification or Security Access device.
  TTU TTU HSC - Lubbock
  TTU Authorization Form HSC Authorization Form
  TTU CDRC HSC Anesthesiology
  TTU COE: Livermore Center HSC Larry Combest Center
  TTU CSAR HSC General
  TTU Custodial Services HSC 2A Ophthamology
  TTU Experimental Sciences HSC 1A Pharmacy
  TTU Environmental Health and Safety HSC PMP
  TTU Financial Services HSC 1A Psychiarty
  TTU IT Help Central HSC Student
  TTU Maedgen Theatre HSC Cancer Research
  TTU Media and Communication  
  TTU Museum - NSRL TTU HSC - El Paso
  TTU NHRC HSC Authorizing Signature
  TTU Physical Plant\Engineering Services HSC General Access Request
  TTU Presiden's Office  
  TTU Rawls College of Business Admin.  
  TTU Research Park  
  TTU Registrar's Office  
  TTU Student Wellness Center  
  TTU Southwest Collections  
  TTU Tech Plaza  
  TTU United Spirit Arena  
  TTU University Parking Services  
  TTU Visitor's Center  
  Texas Tech Federal Credit Union  
  Texas Tech Burkhart Center  
  Miscellaneous Forms TTU  
  TTU After Hours Form