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Texas Tech University's Master of Agribusiness degree program is designed to meet the growing need for agribusiness professionals with advanced conceptual and quantitative training. The degree program provides a unique blend of analytical and business capabilities from both the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics and the Rawls College of Business. The program is designed to be completed in four semesters of full time study. A capstone of this program is a professional internship designed to apply program concepts in a professional setting.

This program is currently offered in a fully online fashion so the program can be completed totally at a distance. Many classes also are also offered in person if this is the desired option. The MAB program offers a certificate program, in addition to the regular program of study.

An accelerated B.S./MAB program allows qualified students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Applied Economics or Animal and Food Science to work concurrently on their B.S. and MAB. Students in this program are able to take up to six hours of graduate coursework (two of four eligible courses) receiving credit toward both their undergraduate and graduate degrees.

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  • The program is delivered at a distance or in person to professionals who work in every sector of the food, agribusiness and animal health industry.
  • The program is offered completely online, so this makes the program convenient and without career interruption possible, even for those in jobs requiring travel or frequent transfers.
  • Master of Agribusiness Mission: Provide advanced quantitative capability and knowledge that is designed to expand career opportunities, capability and growth for professionals in the rapidly changing and increasingly complex food and agricultural global economy.

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