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Texas is one of the top three states in the nation in value of agricultural products produced, with over $11 billion in sales at the farm level. As with all aspects of our society and economy, the agricultural sector is undergoing substantial changes as it is impacted by globalization, technological change, and changing governmental policies. The undergraduate programs within the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics respond to the needs of this important sector of our economy.

In the U.S., Ag Economics majors earn median annual wages of $67,000 -that's the highest salary among all majors, 10% higher than the average college major, 3% higher than Business majors, 24% higher than History, 8% higher than Public Administration, and 37% higher than Psychology majors. (Carnavale, A., B.Cheah, & Hanson, The Economic Value of College Majors, Center on Education and the Workforce, Georgetown University, 2015).

Degree Programs

Students interested in international agribusiness and economics may complete an International Agribusiness (IAB) concentration. Agribusiness study abroad offers the opportunity to live and adapt to a new culture, experience everyday commerce through the purchase of products and services in a foreign currency, build your resume, all while attending class, completing assignments, and earning credit toward your degree.

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