Texas Tech University

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment

General Studies students wishing to take courses at another institution while also attending Texas Tech University must first request permission from Dr. Iber, the Academic Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences. Concurrent enrollment is not permitted in the student's last 30 hours, which must be taken in residence at Texas Tech University. Any courses taken concurrently without prior approval will not be applied to the student's degree.

Consortium Agreements

Signing a consortium agreement means that you will receive financial aid from Texas Tech but are concurrently enrolled at another institution. Your financial aid package will take into account all enrolled hours between the two institutions. Your financial aid package will not automatically pay for your classes at the other institution. You will need to arrange out-of-pocket payments or a payment plan with the other institution and will be reimbursed when you receive your financial aid refund from Texas Tech, which will likely be after the payment deadline at the other institution.

Consortium Agreement Policies and Procedures

  • All students must be enrolled in at least 6 total credit hours for the semester in which they are requesting a consortium agreement. At least 3 of those credit hours must be taken through TTU to be considered for federal/state aid. Developmental (TSI) courses are considered as part of a student's total semester credit hours for financial aid purposes.
  • A student may only receive financial aid (not including scholarship awards waivers and the Teacher Aide Exemption Program) through Texas Tech, which is considered their home school or degree-seeking institution.
  • If the student is eligible for aid at TTU as a degree-seeking student, the financial aid office will award and process all available aid for which the student is eligible upon receiving the agreement.
  • It is the student's responsibility to pay their bill for all tuition and fees at the outside institution with the funds received from TTU.
  • Any and all changes to the student's schedule (add/drop/etc.) at the outside institution during the semester of enrollment must be approved by the student's General Studies advisor.

Students should contact the appropriate General Studies advisor for more information about concurrent enrollment or consortium agreements.