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Information About Career Assessments

The following assessments are offered to your student free of charge.

Strong Interest Inventory

  • The most scientifically sound, thoroughly researched, and widely used interest inventory 
  • Compares your student's pattern of responses to a pattern of responses of people of different types in different occupations. 
  • Their information is compared to others allowing us to make assumptions about how likely they are to find satisfaction in the work typically done in a given occupation. 
  • This assessment requires interpretation by a professional.

TypeFocus Careers

  • TypeFocus Careers will assist your student in identifying your "type" of individual out of 16 identified "types".
  • This assessment will assist them in discovering your "personal environmental fit" in the workplace and assist you with information you may utilize in career selection.
  • There is a quick Personality Questionnaire and College Success Factor Questionnaire - we invite them to complete one or both as they desire.
  • These assessments are for the sole use of current TTU students, faculty, staff and alumni of Texas Tech University. Unauthorized use is prohibited as this site is protected by copyright of TypeFocus.


  • FOCUS 2 CAREER will help your student develop an accurate picture of your personal strengths, needs, and preferences; and will help you develop a sound career plan.
  • FOCUS 2 CAREER for college students uses valid and reliable research based career assessments.
  • FOCUS 2 CAREER will connect students with exact majors we have here at Texas Tech 


  • “StrengthsQuest is a revolutionary program from the Gallup Organization that focuses on students' strengths rather than weaknesses.”
  • By taking this online assessment, individuals are able to discover their natural talents. This knowledge has the potential to help students strategically choose a successful career path, conquer job and internship interviews, and gain a better understanding of what they do best.

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