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Bachelor's Programs

Bachelor of Arts in
Political Science

Texas Tech University offers the Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, designed to provide students with a broad context of the constantly advancing specialization of political science. Instruction within this degree option includes valuable insight relating to law, journalism, civil service, and politics. Upon completion of this bachelor's degree, students will have a comprehensive knowledge base revolving around political values, policy issues, and foreign policy, making career choices exciting and fascinating.

Bachelor of Science in
Human Sciences

This degree is designed to provide students with the opportunity to select a total of three areas of concentration from a broad range of options. Two areas must be through the College of Human Sciences, and may include areas of interest such as nutritional sciences, addictive disorders and recovery studies, human development and family studies, restaurant, hotel, and institutional management, and studies in personal finance.

Bachelor of Arts or Science in
University Studies

The University Studies degree allows students to obtain either a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science, using any three of a number of concentrations provided through all Texas Tech college departments. Academic advisors assist students in choosing a combination of concentrations which focus on achieving their educational goals. Students pursuing this flexible degree also have the ability to become highly certified in various teaching areas should they choose to do so.

Bachelor of
General Studies

Students wanting more flexibility in their course of study may choose the Bachelor of General Studies degree option. This plan allows students to focus on any number of three concentration areas, two of which will become established minors. In addition, two of the three areas chosen for this path will be completed within the Texas Tech University College of Arts and Sciences.

Bachelor of Science/Applied Arts and Sciences in
Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management

The Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management (RHIM) program at Texas Tech University is one of the top programs in the nation. The program is designed for students to gain extensive management skills and practical work experience. Labs in hotel operations, food production and computers, among others, give students hands-on training that increases their marketability in the industry. The nature of the hospitality business allows the student a great deal of individual and group social interaction. This camaraderie prepares the student in areas of interpersonal communication and networking which facilitates future employment opportunities.

Masters's Programs

Master of
Public Administration

The Master of Public Administration (MPA), fully accredited by the NASPAA (The Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration), provides professional knowledge and skills-based competence for working public administrators or students seeking a career as a manager or policy analyst in public or nonprofit agencies. Recipients of our degree enter the job market equipped with general public management skills and a specialization in a particular public sector or policy area such as non-profit management, fiscal administration, health administration, and health policy among others.

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