Texas Tech University

Media & Events

The Climate Science Center holds monthly events, community day events, movie screenings, and more. Our monthly events this semester are Climate Cinema, held at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, and interdisciplinary seminars.

Climate Cinema features movies, such as science fiction (e.g. the Martian) or documentaries. They have in common extreme weather or climate. Movies are followed by informal discussions.

The interdisciplinary seminars bring together members of the community with TTU faculty and students to discuss topics related to science, climate, and society. Our seminars consist of 3-4 panelists giving a brief summary of their work in relevance to climate science and then an open discussion with the audience.

We also hold community events usually once a semester that focus on what community members can do locally do become more sustainable.

Please check out what the CSC is doing in the media! We have our own videos series, blog, national media page, faculty press articles, and more!