Texas Tech University

Who We Are

Who we are triptych The Climate Center at Texas Tech University (TTU CC) conducts interdisciplinary research to address the interactive effects of climate variability across the full array of landscapes within Texas, the South Central U.S. and the world. We provide the science, tools, and information to link current conditions with regional climate projections, and examine the real-world decision making and planning that can be used to best anticipate, monitor, and adapt to this projected climate change.

The TTU CC serves as the regional hub on climate change, providing expertise on linking regional climate projections to soil processes, plant productivity, patterns of biodiversity, conservation initiatives, ecosystem services, water policy and planning, agricultural production, rural economic preparedness and the sustainability of natural and agroecosystem. The CC works with stakeholders to develop and apply this information to real-world decision making and planning in Texas, the South Central U.S., and the world.

Texas Tech's CC is part of the South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center (SC CASC). The SC CASC is a part of a network of eight regional Centers created to provide science and tools that managers and other parties interested in land, water, wildlife, and cultural resources can use to plan for and respond to climate change.

The SC CASC is supported by a consortium of partners that include The University of Oklahoma, Texas Tech University, Louisiana State University, The Chickasaw Nation, The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory. The current focus of the SC CASC consortium is on recruiting and training graduate students, conducting climate change and impacts research, and developing climate science and climate change educational programs.