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John Zak and Katharine Hayhoe speak about challenges the South Plains faces following the dire National Climate Assessment report

John Zak was a guest on Fox34 news. The interview followed after the Fourth National Climate Assessment report was published over Thanksgiving break. The predictions are dire, with increases in drought risk, fire risk and flooding, depending on the area. Climate extremes will become more common and more extreme. John talks about some of the challenges the southern High Plains will be facing and what can be done to mitigate some of the impacts. For the interview, please click here.

Katharine Hayhoe was a guest on CNN and NPR to speak about some of the implications of a changing climate: how climate change affects the natural variability in the climate and simply makes it worse. So, hurricanes that already occur as part of a natural cycle become stronger; and fires that are naturally occurring have become more severe. The message of the report was that society is headed in the right direction to start slowing the pace of climate change, but it is not happening fast enough.

However, she has hope. She stated "I find hope in looking at what people are doing because people are acting. There are incredible things happening, from kids growing algae biofuels under their beds and winning science fair projects, to big companies like Walmart and Apple going with clean, renewable power over fossil fuels. The world is changing, and by sharing these stories of hope, we too can have hope, and that's how we're going to fix this thing". For the complete NPR story, please click here.

Katharine Hayhoe to speak at the Nobel Peace Price Forum in Oslo, Norway

Katharine will participate in a high profile event on December 11, 2018: the Nobel Peace Price Forum. The forum is entitled: "How to Solve the Climate Crisis in Time". This event will be held at the University of Oslo in Norway. Katharine is one of the world's leaders in climate science and will be joined by other world experts in the field of climate science, policy and solution. The forum will be streamed live by Nobel Media and will be accessible on YouTube. For more info, click here.

Hayhoe recently facilitated a panel discussion on climate change solutions in the 2018-19 Presidential Lecture & Performance Series. Panelists included Joey Hall, Executive Vice President, Permian Operations, for Pioneer Natural Resources; free market advocate and policy expert and former congressman Bob Inglis, executive director for the Energy and Enterprise Initiative at George Mason University and clean energy expert Michael Webber, Deputy Director of the Energy Institute at The University of Texas at Austin.

Natasja van Gestel and John Zak expanded the Grower Citizen Science project

The Grower Citizen Science project is aimed at helping growers in regenerative agriculture by improving soil health. This project, initiated in 2017 and funded by Cotton Incorporated and the Davidson Foundation, has 12 growers that are participating. The growers and more than 30 fields are within a 3 hour radius of Lubbock. The growers help collect soils and data from their fields. This project is of utmost importance because it increases our understanding of how to continue cotton production in a challenging climate, such as climate extremes. Soil biology is key to higher plant production. Increased soil carbon storage, microbial function and other processes all help improve aggregate formation, water storage and infiltration, which in turn positively affects plant growth.


Katharine Hayhoe visits the UK

In November, Katharine Hayhoe gave a series of lectures on climate science and communication in the UK. She spoke at Kings College London, the University of Reading, Oxford University, and with George Marshall from Climate Outreach at St. Mary's University Church in Oxford (left picture below) and with A Rocha International at the John Stott London Lecture at All Souls Church in London (right picture). Though public acceptance of the reality of what the science is telling us — climate is changing, humans are responsible, and the risks are serious — is much higher in the UK than the US, the core challenge is still the same: nearly all of us feel that it doesn't really matter to us, and if and when it ever does, someone else will fix it for us. This message resonated with many.

Watch her London Lecture here, and read her interview with UK-based Carbon Brief here.

Below are visual renderings by two artists of Katharine's visit to the UK.

UK sketches



The Climate Science Center was nominated during International Affairs Week at Texas Tech University for the Global Engagement Award. The Climate Science Center was runner up and received an award for their international engagement efforts.

Congrats to our co-director Katharine Hayhoe who was named on the World's Greatest Leader list by Fortune for 2017. Click here to learn more. 

Our co-director, Katharine Hayhoe was chosen to speak at South By South Lawn: A White House Festival of Ideas, Arts, and Action. Where she had the honor of participating in a conversation with President Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio about the importance of taking action on climate change. If you missed their discussion watch it here.

In September 2016, the National Sierra Club honored Dr. Katharine Hayhoe as one of the winners of The Distinguished Service Award. This award honors people in public service for long-term commitment to conservation. They honored Dr. Hayhoe as she has dedicated her life to educating the public about the environment.

In May 2016, Dr. Katharine Hayhoe received The Friend of the Planet Award presented by the National Center for Science Education. This award goes to people who defend and promote science education through lectures, seminars, hearings and in media appearances while also teaching science and education the public. The NCSE applauded Dr. Hayhoe's work on her dedication to display the effects of climate change in all facets of life. 

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