Texas Tech University

Counselor Education Student Resources

On this page, we have provided you with links that may be helpful in your time as a student in the Counselor Education programs.


Texas Tech Resources

Here are some websites and telephone numbers that will be helpful to you as a student at Texas Tech University:

Personal Counseling Services

The link below provides information about the services provided by the Texas Tech Student Counseling Center and other counseling services that are offered for Texas Tech students. The link also provides information about Togetherall, a safe and anonymous online peer support community to support student mental health. Additionally at the link below, there is information about MySSP, a free, confidential, 24/7, phone or chat which provides immediate real-time support with a multilingual professional counselor and the ability to set up FREE online individual counseling.

If you are having suicidal thoughts or experiencing a mental health crisis, call the Texas Tech Crisis Helpline at 806-742-5555. The Crisis Helpline provides 24/7/365 assistance for students experiencing suicidal thoughts, mental health crises, sexual assault, and interpersonal violence.