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The Nutrition & Metabolic Health Initiative Texas TechThe Nutrition & Metabolic Health Initiative Texas TechThe Nutrition & Metabolic Health Initiative Texas TechThe Nutrition & Metabolic Health Initiative Texas Tech

The Weight Management Clinic at TTU-NMHI

All TTU-NMHI programs take a lifestyle change approach to establish lasting health behavior changes (diet, exercise, stress management, self-care) to improve your health and quality of life.

Our healthcare team includes medical, nutrition, exercise and behavioral health experts. We also offer scientific testing for body fat, muscle, and metabolism.

Comprehensive Weight Management and Wellness Programs

You have the right to receive a "Good Faith Estimate" explaining how much your medical care will cost.

TTU-NMHI OPTIFAST® Total Meal Replacement Program (26 Weeks):

Nutrition & Metabolic Health Initiative Weight Loss Texas Tech

The science-based program that delivers weight loss for health gains.

Clinic on Mondays from 5-7:30 p.m. You typically spend 1 hour (Start times vary by program phase).

Program is targeted to those with BMI >30 OR BMI ≥28 with weight-related co-morbidities (hypertension, high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes).

Scientifically proven medical weight loss program.

1.OPTIFAST® patients who actively participate in the 26-week medically monitored weight- management program typically lose twice as much as those on a reduced-calorie food-based diet and maintain approximately twice as much weight loss at 52 weeks.
*modified version of Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)

  • The OPTIFAST® program, which lasts 26 weeks, is a medically supervised weight management program that closely monitors and assesses progress towards better health and emotional well-being. The program utilizes a meal replacement plan that transitions to self-prepared "everyday" meals, in conjunction with comprehensive patient education and support.
  • The OPTIFAST® program is a structured approach to proven weight loss:
    • Medical Supervision
    • Nutritionally Complete Meal Replacements
    • Nutrition Education
    • Exercise Guidance
    • Behavior (Lifestyle) Modification
  • OPTIFAST® weight management program consists of 3 phases:
    • Weeks 1-12: Active Weight Loss with Full Meal Replacements
    • Weeks 13 to 18: Transition to Food or Food and Partial Meal Replacements (i.e. 1-2 OPTIFAST® servings per day)
    • Weeks 19 and Beyond: Maintenance

TTU-NMHI Optifast® Program includes:

  1. Initial Screening: Medical history & physical, EKG, laboratory tests (blood work), behavioral health history.
  2. Health Monitoring: Body Fat Measurement, Laboratory Tests (blood work) and EKG before after and during the program (as needed) to track health progress and monitor safety.
  3. Communication with your healthcare providers as needed.
  4. 26 weekly (group/individual) educational support sessions (45 minutes).
  5. 1:1 registered dietitian visit (at the conclusion of total meal replacement phase) with individualized meal and activity plans.
  6. Detailed lifestyle curriculum.

Total Program Cost- Pay in full option: $2475*

Payment Plan: $875 at sign up; $850 at week 4; $800 at week 8 = $2525* Total

Optifast Ext-TMR 1 Week (requires prior authorization from NMHI Providers; 2 week minimum) = $120* (for 2 Weeks)
- For those requiring more significant extended weight loss, Total Meal Replacement phase can be extended (EXT-TMR) as long as is deemed medically appropriate beyond the initial 12 weeks.

*Meal replacements purchased separately. The typical cost during total meal replacement phase (first 12 weeks) is less than $19/day – this is all the 'food' you will eat. Less than most people spend on groceries and restaurants.

1. Ard JD, Lewis KH, Rothberg A, et al. Effectiveness of a total meal replacement program (OPTIFAST® program) on weight loss: results from the OPTIWIN study. Obesity. 2018;27:22-29 doi: 10.1002/oby.22303.
(Ard JD, et al. Obesity. 2018;27:22-29 doi: 10.1002/oby.22303.)

Extended Program: Continue attending for 12 additional weeks* in the continued treatment (CT) group after completing the full 26-week OPTIFAST® program and get one additional BIA body composition assessment: Cost $425.

*must be used within 24 weeks

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TEMPO PROGRAM (12 Weeks) – Brief, Personalized, Individual Appointments

Nutrition & Metabolic Health Initiative Weight Loss Texas Tech

By appointment – In an out in 30 minutes or less!

Designed for those with a little or a lot to lose.

Protein enhanced meal plan uses Optifast®HP shakes with regular foods for maximum impact. Or if you prefer a structured food only (no shakes) meal plan.

Highly structured program is designed for busy people - takes the hassle out of eating healthy.

Brief, individual, personalized health coaching each week teaches sustainable habit change.

  • Partial Meal Replacement (first 8 weeks): Structured choices from a specific list of mix and match food choices plus 4 delicious shakes a day.
  • Expanded meal plan (last 4 weeks) for sustainable eating.
  • Food only (no shakes) option provides you with specific food choices in the first 8 weeks to match the nutrition program used in the meal replacement version
  • Exercise, stress management and overall health coaching throughout.
  • We work with you to figure out the things that have caused you to not be successful in the past and we solve these barriers together.

Program includes:

  1. Body fat measurement (BIA) before and after the program.
  2. 12 weeks of individual health coaching sessions (in and out in under 30 minutes).
  3. Detailed educational handouts.

Total Program Cost - Pay in full option: $695

Meal replacements purchased separately. The typical cost during meal replacement phase (first 8 weeks) is less than $15/day – this is the majority of the 'food' you will eat. Less than most people spend on groceries and restaurants.

Payment Plan: $285 at sign up; $265 at week 4; $195 at week 8 = $745 Total

Extended Program: Continue attending for 6 additional weeks* after completing the full 12-week TEMPO program and get one additional BIA body composition assessment: Cost $425.

*must be used within 12 weeks

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NMHI Signature Program – U-Turn Diet (12 Weeks)

Nutrition & Metabolic Health Initiative Weight Loss Texas Tech

Concierge-level obesity care from world-renowned specialist Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar.

Metabolically/medically tailored individual weight loss program.

Exclusive, one on one nutrition and health promotion counseling.

Personalized program to fit your unique lifestyle.

You will work closely with an internationally known obesity expert with 35 years of experience in counseling over 15,000 people for weight loss. This personally tailored, scientific weight management program provides a comprehensive care plan for lasting health improvement.

A diet need not be tasteless or leave you feeling hungry. Your diet plan is created based on:

  • Your current and past health conditions and metabolic profile
  • Likes, dislikes, lifestyle, food preferences
  • Daily energy requirement and activity level

Dr. Dhurandhar works closely with your medical provider in a comprehensive program aimed at total health. In addition, we provide your healthcare professional with support should you wish to consider additional treatments such as obesity medications or surgery.

The overall emphasis is to work with you in your weight management effort, by suggesting a lifestyle intervention that is developed specifically for you!

Brief description of the treatment process:

Dr. Dhurandhar understands that like any other chronic disease such as diabetes or high blood pressure, obesity is a serious medical condition and not a character flaw. Obesity management is not limited to only reducing weight, but involves care of multiple body systems that may be affected. Dr. Dhurandhar coordinates obesity management treatment with each patient's medical care provider to treat the whole person. The nutritional counseling in his weight management program follows the CAP-Lifestyle intervention plan (Compatibility based – takes your physical and mental health, lifestyle, dietary and other preferences, allergies, and culture into account, Allocation focused – guides you on what, when and how much to eat and what type and amounts of physical activity should be done based on your unique situation and careful Progress Monitoring with appropriate 'course correction' based on your response to treatment and changes in diet to keep your diet interesting and sustainable.)

Program Includes:

  1. BOD POD® Gold Standard Body Composition (fat & muscle) before and after 12 weeks.
  2. Parvo® Metabolic Cart to determine your daily caloric requirement (metabolism) pre- post- program.
  3. Communication between NMHI and your healthcare providers ongoing as needed
  4. Total of 6 1:1 visits (up to 50 minutes each) over a 12-week period

Total Program Cost- Pay in full option: $1750

Payment Plan option: $775 at sign up; $625 at week 4; $400 at week 8 = $1800 Total

Extended program: (Requires completion initial U-Turn Program; must be used within 12 weeks of purchase):

1. Extended Program: Continue with 3 additional individual sessions*: Cost $425.

*must be used within 12 weeks

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Pay in Full discount is deducted from price quoted for Comprehensive Weight Management and Wellness Programs. Additional $50 discounts are available upon request and proof for current state employees, active & retired military and their spouses/partners, students, employees, and alumni, and are deducted from FINAL payment (cannot be done online – in person only).

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Additional NMHI Services

Body Composition Testing

Nutrition & Metabolic Health Initiative Weight Loss Texas Tech

Bod Pod: Single Test $125

The BOD POD® Gold Standard Body Composition Tracking System uses cutting edge, scientifically validated technology (whole-body air displacement densitometry) to determine body fat and muscle

  • Takes only about 15 minutes, and provides fast, highly accurate results.
  • In a private room, this test will require you to wear a one or 2-piece Lycra®/spandex-type swimsuit or single layer compression shorts without padding, a sports bra and swim cap (cap provided) while you sit safely and comfortably inside a large egg-shaped chamber.

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Bioelectrical Impedance: Single Test $55

  • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology is a scientifically validated method that measures your body fat in just a few minutes and only requires you to be barefoot and stand on a scale (fully clothed).
  • It sends a very low, safe, electrical signal (that you cannot feel) through your body. When you stand on our scale and hold the handgrips.

Note: People with an electronic medical implant, such as a pacemaker, and pregnant women should not use this method.

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Metabolic Testing

Nutrition & Metabolic Health Initiative Weight Loss Texas Tech

Parvo® Metabolic Cart: Single test $125

  • Indirect calorimetry measures your basic metabolism (the amount of energy your body uses while resting) and is among the most scientifically accurate methods available.
  • This tells us about the number of calories you may need to take in each day by simply measuring the amount of oxygen consumed and the amount of carbon dioxide eliminated by your body while you are lying still under a comfortable clear hood, on a bed, in a quiet private room for approximately 15-20 minutes (fully clothed).

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MedGem® Metabolic Test: Single test $55

  • The MedGem® device is a simplified version of indirect calorimetry that measures your basic metabolism (the amount of energy your body uses while resting).
  • The test is done quickly (approximately 10 minutes) and conveniently. It is used to inform us about the number of calories you may need to take in each day.

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Individual Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition & Metabolic Health Initiative Weight Loss Texas Tech

Initial Nutritional Wellness Consultation: Single (50 minute) Session with body composition $150

You will learn about many strategies for optimal nutritional health as you meet with your highly trained nutrition professional. A nutrition wellness plan is personalized and individually tailored to your specific preferences, goals and lifestyle.


  • Nutrition and wellness history and nutrition plan
  • A wide range of educational resources.
  • BIA test for body fat

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Follow-up Nutrition Consult: Single (25 minute) Session $60 (requires initial consult prior to purchase)

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Medical Nutrition Therapy: (This service requires a direct referral from a healthcare provider) $100 (50 Minutes)

Our registered dietitians have specialized training to provide medical nutrition therapy to patients who are working with their healthcare providers on any number of medical conditions (for example diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, pharmacotherapy for obesity, bariatric surgery etc.).

  • Your healthcare provider can provide a referral for you to meet with our registered dietitians.

Pre-Bariatric Surgery Services (This service requires a referral from your bariatric surgeon)

Presurgical Nutrition Assessment $150 (per 50 minute appointment)

Presurgical Psychological Assessment $225 (includes required testing, interpretation, and 50-minute assessment interview)

Presurgical Nutrition Assessment

In consultation with your surgeon, we provide the pre-surgical nutritional assessment (and required pre-surgery follow-up sessions) to ensure you are prepared for your bariatric surgery nutrition program. The specific number of sessions will be tailored to the requirements of your insurance provider and your personal needs.

Presurgical Behavioral / Psychological Screening

A requirement for bariatric surgery is to be screened for any psychological barriers to your success. Our service allows you to meet the screening requirement while also helping to identify behavioral strategies to enhance your overall likelihood of success with lifestyle change and quality of life improvements following surgery.


Bundled Service Packages

Nutrition & Metabolic Health Initiative Weight Loss Texas Tech

Platinum: $385 - Bod Pod, Indirect Calorimeter, Nutrition Consult (50 min), Nutrition (25 min) Follow up appointment.

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White Gold: $245 - BIA, MedGem®, Nutrition Consult (50 mins), Nutrition (25 min) Follow up appointment.

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Participation in the TTU-NMHI Weight Management Clinic programs does not constitute "medical care." We are advising you on healthy nutrition, healthy lifestyle improvement strategies and weight loss methods. In some cases, we are doing medical screening and monitoring for safety related to the needs of a specific program. Your medical care is the responsibility of your personal physician or another qualified medical professional.

Schedule a FREE Needs Assessment with our healthcare providers to help you choose the right program for you.


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