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Nutritional Sciences Degree Texas Tech UniversityNutritional Sciences Degree Texas Tech UniversityNutritional Sciences Degree Texas Tech UniversityNutritional Sciences Degree Texas Tech University

Welcome from the Chair

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Mission Statement

The Department of Nutritional Sciences endeavors to advance the field of nutritional sciences and equip individuals towards making a positive contribution to society as a whole through quality education, research and service.


Strategic Plan


Undergraduate Degrees in Nutritional Sciences

Dietetic Internship

Nutrition & Metabolic Health Initiative (NMHI)

The Nutrition & Metabolic Health Initiative is part of the Texas Tech University, Department of Nutritional Sciences and offers clinical nutrition and weight management services to the local Lubbock community. Our programs include medical weight loss, advanced metabolic assessment and state of the science nutritional and motivational counselling and education. We also conduct research studies and provide student training and education in the areas of clinical nutrition, obesity, community nutrition and neuroscience related brain involvement in eating and metabolism. Find out more at NMHI Website.

Experienced Faculty

The Nutritional Sciences Department faculty helps students to engage in scientific discoveries and provides evidence based learning opportunities. We have experts in the areas of basic, clinical and community nutrition. They are specialists and conduct innovative research on varied topics like obesity, diabetes, inflammation, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, nano-medicine, sports nutrition, nutrigenomics and behavioral medicine. They are also involved in TTU wide research clusters such as the Obesity Research Cluster, Bioinformatics Cluster and Food and Security Cluster. Our faculty are highly productive and have won several university, national and international recognition for their dedication in teaching and productivity in research. 


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Nutritional Sciences