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Research Studies Currently Recruiting

Texas Tech University Department of Nutritional Sciences is looking for research participants!

Below is a list of research studies currently recruiting research subjects. Various labs are conducting all studies independently. Please contact EACH study individually if you are interested (Note: The TTU Institutional Review Board has approved all studies).


6 weeks study on the effect of potatoes on blood pressure in patients 

TTU Department of Nutritional Sciences
Earn $200

- Needed persons with high blood pressure 
- Age 18-65 years
- Willing to learn about the DASH Diet
- Get FREE Body Composition Analysis

What to expect

- Dietary Intake Assessment by 24-hour Food recall
- Nutrition Status Assessment– Height, Weight, Body Composition Analysis, Waist Circumference
- Video cooking demonstrations
- Blood pressure measurements
- Detailed Counseling on DASH Diet
- Only 3 Visits to our clinic

Principal Investigator: Shannon Galyean, PhD, RDN, LD
Contact Details:
Dr. Shannon Galyean
Phone: 806-834-2286
Email: Shannon.Galyean@ttu.edu
Email us at potatostudyttu@gmail.com
A Potato A Day May Keep Blood Pressure at Bay

This study has been approved by the TTU Institutional Review Board


Texas Tech Department of Nutrition

We are looking for women ages 18 and up with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) to participate in a 8-week study about the effect of the PCOS diet on managing the disease and quality of life.

-You will be required to follow the PCOS diet for the duration of the study.
-Some questionnaires involved.
-Transportation to our clinic will not be provided and all participation is completely confidential.
-Your participation in this study is greatly appreciated and you can stop participating at any time during the study if you so desire.

For more information or if you are interested in participating, please contact Reina Raj, Undergraduate Research Assistant, at reraj@ttu.edu or by phone at 469-763-2309

Thank You!

This study has been approved by the TTU Institutional Review Board.


Contact NMHI

Phone: (806) 742-NMHI (6644)


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