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Research Studies Currently Recruiting

Texas Tech University Department of Nutritional Sciences is looking for research participants!

Below is a list of research studies currently recruiting research subjects. Various labs are conducting all studies independently. Please contact EACH study individually if you are interested (Note: The TTU Institutional Review Board has approved all studies).


6 weeks study on the effect of potatoes on blood pressure in patients 

TTU Department of Nutritional Sciences
Earn $200

- Needed persons with high blood pressure 
- Age 18-65 years
- Willing to learn about the DASH Diet
- Get FREE Body Composition Analysis

What to expect

- Dietary Intake Assessment by 24-hour Food recall
- Nutrition Status Assessment– Height, Weight, Body Composition Analysis, Waist Circumference
- Video cooking demonstrations
- Blood pressure measurements
- Detailed Counseling on DASH Diet
- Only 3 Visits to our clinic

Principal Investigator: Shannon Galyean, PhD, RDN, LD
Contact Details:
Dr. Shannon Galyean
Phone: 806-834-2286
Email: Shannon.Galyean@ttu.edu
Email us at potatostudyttu@gmail.com
A Potato A Day May Keep Blood Pressure at Bay

This study has been approved by the TTU Institutional Review Board

4-Week Weight Loss Program 

TTU Department of Nutritional Sciences; Nutrition & Metabolic Health Initiative (NMHI)
Earn $25 per study visit ($50 total)


- Study is approximately 4 TOTAL weeks
- One 10-minute telephone eligibility screen
- Two approx. 1.5 hour in-person assessment sessions

What to expect

- Telephone screen and initial in-person assessment we will check for eligibility
- If eligible you will be enrolled in the program, have your weight, body fat, and metabolism measured and be given a 4-week weight loss diet intervention to follow.

Who can join?

Men and women with a BMI of > or = 25 who are between 18 and 25 years of age who are currently enrolled as full-time college students and meet eligibility criteria.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Martin Binks

Find out more
BMTR Lab Phone: 806-742-5194
Email: bmtrlab@ttu.edu

This study has been approved by the TTU Institutional Review Board





Contact NMHI

Phone: (806) 742-NMHI (6644)


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